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With a combined experience and expertise built up over almost forty years the management team at Skylinks Telecomms identified the opportunity to build a true wireless distribution business for the professional wireless integration and enterprise type companies in today's market place.

Skylinks carefully select the manufacturers it represents and effectively become an extension of the manufacturers team ensuring we provide best advice and access to stock as and when required by our clients.

Skylinks ensure its customers have rapid access to enterprise and carrier grade wireless technology with the comfort of knowing expert advice and experience is only a phone call away.

Whether it’s a short campus type wireless bridge or a nationwide carrier wireless network, Skylinks have the solution to meet the application.

Skylinks offerings include Product & Solution Supply, Logistics, Staging & Pre-Configuration, Network & System Design, Installation Services. Maintenance Support Services. So if it’s a product supply or a full turnkey project requirement, Skylinks Telecomms have a solution for you.

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Point to Point

Point-to-Point wireless connections are a genuine alternative to fiber providing rapid deployed links with high bandwidths spanning long distances.

Point to Multi-Point

Point to Multipoint is the most popular approach for wireless communications supporting a large number of nodes, end destinations or end users. Point to Multipoint assumes there is a central Base Station to which remote Subscriber Units or Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), connects. Common amongst wireless ISP providers.


The deployment of a professional Wi-Fi solution ensures seamless connectivity for many VOIP and data applications supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) through to IOT (Internet of Things) ensuring true mobility and flexibility for data communications.

Edge Optical

An optical transceiver chip is an integrated circuit (IC) that transmits and receives data using optical fiber rather than electrical wire. Optical fiber, also called fiberoptic, refers to the technology associated with the transfer of information in light beams or pulses along solid transparent fibers or cables.

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