An optical transceiver chip is an integrated circuit (IC) that transmits and receives data using optical fiber rather than electrical wire.

Optical fiber, also called fiberoptic, refers to the technology associated with the transfer of information in light beams or pulses along solid transparent fibers or cables.


Key Points About The Technology


Compatible with all major RAN manufacturers. Less inventory & flexible service provision.


Connect through Multi-Mode or Single-Mode fiber. Use a single fiber to connect to multiple radios by CWDM or DWDM.


xWDM OTN systems main cost drivers are line cards and number of optical ports. By replacing vendor delivered EDGE Optical transceivers with our is possible to achieve up to 40% total CAPEX saving.


Using Service routers and Core aggregation switches with line cards supporting 10/40 or 100 Gbps interfaces and our transceivers You can save up to 30%. We have experience with the latest platforms from all leading vendors.