Point to Multipoint is the most popular approach for wireless communications that have a large number of nodes, end destinations or end users.

Point to Multipoint generally assumes there is a central Base Station to which remote Subscriber Units or Customer Premises Equipment are connected over the wireless medium.


Key Points About The Technology


Connections between the Base Station and Subscriber Units can be either Line of Sight or in some frequency radio systems Non-Line-of-Sight where link budgets permit.


Point To Multipoint links are installed to reduce the cost of infrastructure and increase the number of CPE's and connections. Point To Multipoint systems can be implemented in Licensed, Semi-licensed or Unlicensed frequency bands depending on the specific application.


Point to Multipoint links are very popular in the wireless ISP (internet service provider) and campus type environments. It is also commonly used in wireless CCTV applications.


The Base Station may have a single Omnidirectional Antenna or multiple Sector Antennas which are often used to increase both range and capacity.