Point to point connectivity is now the preferred medium for many corporates and public sector organisations to connect and inter connect their sites.

Carrier grade Point to Point solutions offer true carrier diverse alternative connectivity to fixed line connections.


Key Points About The Technology

Sub 6Ghz

Light licensed, speeds of up to 1GBS, rapid deployment, LOS and NLOS connectivity, low cost & Expandable, Link distance of 1km -30km.

E Band

High capacity, speeds of up to 2.5GBS full duplex, light licensed, narrow beam, so less susceptible to interference, frequency range less congested, multiple configuration options.


Carrier grade, high availability, licensed spectrum ranging from 6-42GHz, scalable from 20mbs to 2GBS full duplex, multiple configuration options, full outdoor solutions, interference free via fixed frequency, up to 100kms links, full duplex.

FSO (Free Space Optics)

High capacity, licence exempt, interference free, secure, bandwidth 2.5GS capacity. Line fibre speed connectivity over the air, low latency.