Wi-Fi networks have become the defacto in network connectivity mechanisms and a must have for business, leisure and social applications.

The deployment of a professional Wi-Fi solution ensures seamless connectivity for mobile voice and data applications opening up the possibilities from BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) through to IOT (Internet of Things) ensuring true mobility and flexibility for data communications and playing a big part in realising smart cities of the future.


Key Points About The Technology

Our Wifi

The implementation of Wi-Fi networks into corporate networks allows for users to operate flexibly within their business environment ensuring secure high speed network activities including mobile voice, location based services and completely secure guest and visitor access without compromising network security. Business users can hot desk within their office environment or access the network securely from other offices across their corporate WAN or from home with all the secure credentials of being connected directly in their office.

Social Use

Social use of Wi-Fi networks has seen an unprecedented boom in the availability of networks within, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops on trains and public transport and within shopping environments. This has introduced additional significant revenue streams generated within these sectors increasing sales by general access and advertising through to focussed intelligent targeted marketing and direct personal sales opportunities.