9dot is an Italian company which designs and provides innovative solutions for managing and protecting Power over Ethernet systems, from video surveillance systems to Telecommunications operators infrastructures (TLC).

9dot solutions are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and every single product is individually tested to ensure maximum reliability.

9dot is specialized in the conception and design of protection systems, monitoring, and control of devices powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

9dot offer qualified and certified design solutions, which allow PoE systems monitoring, for medium and large enterprises in a smart and simplified way.

About 9dot Products

Total Control. Synchronization. Scalable

A crucial part of any TLC infrastructures is its power supply system. The correct functioning of all transmissions depends on the quality of the power supply and the operational reliability of the equipment.

9dot specializes in innovative power solutions to give network operators the control and reliability they need to accommodate power conversion and protection for PoE systems.

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