Aerohive delivers an open mobility platform that simplifies and transforms the Connected Experience, through information, insights, and applications.

At Aerohive, we believe that every access point is a starting point.

Aerohive's Connected Experience is built on three core solutions that unlock the potential of mobility, and make networks easier to design, deploy, and manage:

Unified management designed to simplify administration with enhanced visibility and control, smarter troubleshooting, and flexible deployments through public, private, and on-premises solutions.

A fully distributed control architecture increases speed, scale, and resiliency, providing a foundation for connectivity that is supported by access layer switches and branch routers.

About Aerohive Products

Aerohive enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi and wired solution, combined with a cloud services platform that makes it easier to manage your network and connected staff, students and visitors.

To prepare schools and colleges for the mobile-first generation, Aerohive created a wireless LAN architecture specifically engineered for the Gigabit speeds that we see today, by eliminating the need for wireless LAN controllers and optimizing access points for high-density classroom connectivity.

Aerohive’s HiveManager provides a powerful, yet easy to use network management platform for access points and switches, with a streamlined user experience, intuitive dashboards and a range of troubleshooting tools that make any administrator an instant RF expert.

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