Mimosa is the leader in cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) network solutions for the post-copper era. Deploying Massive MIMO technology, Mimosa designs and manufactures outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding fiber-fast networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity and reliability for multiple verticals and applications.

Our service provider customers are in underserved rural settings, competitive suburban settings and high-density urban environments, all around the world. These service providers can now provide an unparalleled level of connectivity to enterprise customers, home subscribers and public entities including schools, hospitals and city offices.

Mimosa recently received industry recognition for our hard work and we wanted to share it with you. At an award ceremony which recognizes vendors for moving the needle with innovative solutions, we walked away with a staggering seven awards.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association also presented Mimosa with "Manufacturer of the Year", in addition to another five, yes - that's right, five - awards for product features, throughput excellence and low cost.

About Mimosa Products

Mimosa Networks is the global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions, enabling service providers to connect dense urban and hard-to-reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

“Multiple-In-Multiple-Out” technology has fueled the growth in Mobile and Wi-Fi capacity, continually improving spectrum efficiency with the addition of more MIMO streams and smart antenna array technologies. Mimosa is leading this innovation by leveraging disruptive low-cost chip technology.

Mimosa scales spectrum reuse beyond a single access point, stretching the benefits across an entire network. Current fixed wireless deployments typically require using the entirety of available multipoint spectrum as networks scale, quickly running out of necessary capacity and exhausting this precious resource.

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